Should You Spend Over $1,000 on a Mattress?

Should You Spend Over $1,000 on a Mattress?

When buying a mattress, everyone has a different opinion. Some will say, "Spend over $2,000, you're going to spend 10 years on it!" But after doing the research, you will find that there's often no real benefit to spending that much and that you can often get an equally good mattress for well under $1,000. A lot of the time you are just paying for a big brand name, expensive store overheads and pushy salespeople.

There is no science to say that any particular material is going to be better for your body. It just depends on how it feels to you and what is going to last. You want a mattress to continue providing good support for years and not sag within the first 12 months! 

If you're looking for a mattress with minimal partner-disturbance, look to the zoned, pocket-spring mattresses with euro top and memory foam toppers. Avoid any mattress that shows a flat or woven mesh layer at the top of the springs, it just won't adapt to your body and you'll feel movement all over the bed. 

A high quality memory foam topper will also help to reduce partner-disturbance and absorb the body. It is a slightly softer feel (the pocket spring mattress underneath can still be firm if desired), but it gives you more evenly balanced support and that will also help to reduce movement. 

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